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Ride the wind and waves encourage glory 2015 Our wills unite like a fortress. Shenghong group meeting and Spring Festival Gala year-end summary
January 2016 10, Shenghong group 2015 annual summary conference and the Spring Festival held at the Risorgimento Hotel Hong sheng. Sheng Hong Group Chairman Miu Hangen, vice chairman Tang Jinkui and general manager of the plate, middle-level leadership, advanced on behalf of, such as a total of more than 950 people attended the meeting, summing up the past, and seek common development blueprint.
The night of the Risorgimento Hotel, the colorful fireworks. Hotel banquet hall laugh language Yan Yan, warm, full of rich festive atmosphere.
In the summary of the general assembly, the general manager of the company have a summary of the work of the past year have been reported. Sheng Hong Group in 2015 the macroeconomic environment, has withstood the enormous pressure of the economic downturn, also harvest the joy of success, but more is in the wind and rain in temper and before harvest of experience, which for the new year more comprehensive and more flexible in the face of economic environment to the deck opening under the action of. Summary report after, the company announced the year 2015 in production and operation, technical innovation, energy saving and emission reduction performance outstanding team and personal deeds, from Department of every plate of 19 advanced team and 16 bit advanced individuals have came to accept the honor. A years of toil and sweat, now turned into a heavy heavy medals and a fierce applause, and winning smile Ying Ying, pay will eventually return.
Finally, the Group Chairman Miu Hangen made a summary of the speech. His analysis pointed out that over the past year, macro economic environment continues to dip, China's economy fell into the dilemma of the change in mode of development, economic growth underpowered "middle income trap", the size of the enterprise is a not a small test. Nevertheless, Cheng Hong group still has withstood the impact of unfavorable factors, working together, to break the siege, industrial scale has been further expanded, further reasonable product structure, the pace of expansion is also to further accelerate the pace, and chairman of the board of directors to 2015 the plate to cope with the pressure to make the adjustment also. In the upcoming 2016, he hopes Sheng Hong group to break the inertia of thinking of the natural development, with new ideas to break new barriers, with new concept of the birth of a new state, do the following: first, adhere to the industry, do good business, maintain the stable development of enterprises; the second is adhere to innovation, optimize the management, lead the enterprise "wisdom upgrade; three is the brand for the first, winning strategy, burst Shenghong brand vitality; four is employee satisfaction, social recognition, to achieve the harmonious development of enterprises.
Summary of the general assembly a successful conclusion, the banquet kicked off. In response to industry 4.0 times of intelligent manufacturing requirements, the depth of integration "strategy needs 2025" made in China, from the office of the group show "wisdom Shenghong", in form of man-machine battle opened the prelude to the whole party, cool picture won applause from the audience at the same time, but also show the Shenghong group followed by the faith of the pace of the times. Then from the chemical fiber, dyeing, real estate, thermoelectric sector colleagues also brought song and dance performances, common blessing of the group in the success of the new year, a new chapters.

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